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Labo Halloween Car(for Tablet)

Sviluppatore The-any-Key
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"Labo Halloween Car is a delightfully creative app with an engaging game to bring your creation to life." -- fundamentallychildren.comDesign and build your own Halloween-themed car.
It's a tablet app for kids 4-8 years old.
This app comes with 27 tutorials that walk you through the process step-by-step, or allows you to draw a car freely as you wish. You can decorate the car with thirteen different colors.Other add-ons include 18 sets of tires that can be customized in size and spacing, 38 different stickers and lights for more flair. Once You are happy with their vehicle, you can then use it on one of 21 roads. Each road is a mini game and there are spooky obstacles to watch out for along the way!
Features:1. 27 creative and funny cars tutorials, with which you can learn how to create cars easily;2. You can draw your own cars freely;3. 18 sets of tires, 13 colors;4. 38 different stickers and lights;5. 21 roads to run the cars. Each road is a mini game and there are spooky obstacles to watch out for along the way;6. Save you cars in gallery;7. Share cars to the world, and browser or download cars created by others online.
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